The Hero Round Table shows how ordinary people can do extraordinary things to change the world around them.

A hero jumps into a raging river to save someone’s life. A hero leaves her career to relieve hunger in Bangladesh. A hero speaks up at work to stop corporate fraud. All of these heroes were ordinary people who developed the compassion and courage to take action.

The world is filled with people ready to make a difference. They don’t know how to take the first step. They’re scared. They feel alone. The Hero Round Table is for them.

This event pulls together speakers and audiences from diverse corners of humanity to create a unique community energized to take action. 12-minute talks and workshops from experts and practitioners provide stories and techniques to inspire and instruct.

The Hero Round Table is changing people’s lives and those people are changing the world. Are you ready to become a hero?

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Next Event: November 21st in Geelong, Australia.