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The Conference on Heroism

September 19 and 20

The Whiting

Flint, Michigan

Top Speakers

Our speakers come from across the country and around the world. They're experts in the fields of psychology, business, education, sports, and more. All of them have a unique perspective on heroism. speakers

Amazing Audience

The audience is made up of truth-seekers, risk-takers, and change-makers. You'll be amazed by the people you meet in the hallways, at lunch, and sitting next to you. What will you bring? audience

Vital Message

The opposite of a hero is not a villain; it's a bystander. Every community in the world, big or small, can use more heroes. These two days will show you how to make that happen. message

Last year was a blast, as you can see below. Keep up with this year's news on Facebook.

What People Said

The conference was brilliantly orchestrated with one after another great speaker making us think (often while we laughed), and breakout sessions to delve deeper into some topics, research posters, and meal times to socialize.

Phil 1

The content and presenters really engaged the audience. I got emotional at the bravery, accomplishment, and stories. I have already committed to bringing my children and wife to the event next year, and I believe they will grow spiritually and be inspired on being a HERO.

It was truly inspirational hearing about the many ways in which young adults my age and younger have managed to do something bigger than us all.

It was so motivating to hear words from ordinary people who decided that they would be heroes instead of bystanders, and it was great to hear their words encouraging us to do the same.

2013 Talk – Jeremiah Anthony

2013 Talk – Whitney Johnson

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