Academic Posters

Have you conducted research on heroism?  Have you published about heroism?

Previously presented work – empirical and non-empirical – is welcome and encouraged.

Possible subject areas for exploration include altruism, bystander effect, personality constructs, prosocial behavior, character, and leadership.

Posters from 2014

Jennifer Cecilione
Jared Celniker
Emma Gleckel
Dana Klisanin
Brian Riches (1)
Brian Riches (2)
Yosmary Rodriguez
Linda Rufer


Posters will be judged by an Academic Committee including Dr. Phil Zimbardo, Dr. Scott Allison, Dr. Ari Kohen, and Dr. Zeno Franco.

A prize of $250 will be awarded to the “Best Poster”. To be considered for the “Best Poster”, at least one author of the poster must register for the conference.

Applications will be  judged based on the following:

  • Concept of poster, the general idea, its relevance and timeliness to Hero Round Table attendees
  • Depth, details offered, and insights to be learned
  • Research findings and results of your work
  • Your credentials and expertise in the subject matter


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